New Song Released by AI John Lennon - "Echoes of the Now"

With all the fuss lately about Artificial Intelligence and all the AI tools at our disposal, we thought it would be fun to ask ChatGPT what John Lennon would be writing about if he were alive today.  ChatGPT did not disappoint as it came up with this diddy called "Echoes of the Now".  Check out the lyric below.....now what talented artist can put vocals and music to this?  Kinda has an Andy Grammer vibe if you ask me!

(Verse 1)

In these modern times we find ourselves, a world of endless streams,

A digital age with neon lights, where reality and dreams,

Collide and intertwine, oh what a curious sight,

In this maze of information, searching for the light.


Imagine all the people, navigating through the haze,

In a world of screens and pixels, where connection's just a phase,

Living in a fast lane, racing 'gainst the clock,

Oh, living in modern times, let's find a way to talk.

(Verse 2)

From virtual realms to satellite waves, we've conquered lands and skies,

But amidst this boundless progress, let's not forget the ties,

That bind us all as humans, with hearts that beat as one,

In this age of innovation, let love be our anthem.


Imagine all the bridges, built across the digital divide,

In a world of constant motion, let's slow down and take a ride,

Living with intention, finding balance in the fray,

Oh, living in modern times, let's seize the present day.


And when the noise grows deafening, and we've lost our way,

Remember the power of love, to guide us through the gray,

In the midst of confusion, let's find our inner peace,

Living in modern times, let love's vibration increase.


Imagine all the empathy, flowing from heart to heart,

In a world that's ever-changing, let kindness be our art,

Living with compassion, in a world that often rhymes,

Oh, living in modern times, let's make it a better time.


Living in modern times, with gadgets all around,

Let's rediscover what it means, to truly touch the ground,

With each connection, real and deep, let's find our common thread,

Oh, living in modern times, let's heal the world instead.

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