19 Mar

The Perfect Songs for a Study Environment

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I'd Homework That!

The rigors of intense studying for a big exam can certainly take a toll on students. The feelings of stress, fatigue and boredom can become exasperated by long periods of silence. Having a set of good tunes to listen to can help break up the monotony and provide an added boost of energy. Here are seven of the best songs to listen to while studying:

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31 Jan

Want to Make it To The Big Time? Learn to Market Yourself.

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Here’s the situation. You play in a band. You’re awesome (you think). But you need to get your name out there, break out of the local circuit and start earning the big bucks and the other spoils which go along with the life of an international rock star.

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26 Jan

10 Annoying and Impossible Karaoke Songs!

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Under Pressure
Creative Commons License photo credit: rxb

Karaoke is a global, unstoppable phenomenon whether one likes it or not. All over the world people descend on karaoke nights to give their best, often painful rendition of their favourite songs. But are there some songs that should just never be attempted? Unless of course you do happen to be Mariah Carey or a professional musician which while very plausible is not going to account for 99.9% of people.

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05 Jan

Memorable Band Logos of the Past 30 Years

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Logos are great marketing tools that can make virtually any product instantly recognizable. That product includes rock bands. Think about it: if you saw a logo with a pair of lips and a red tongue hanging out, would you not immediately know it was the Rolling Stones’ logo? A great logo, like a great band, is memorable and timeless. Here are our picks for the coolest band logos of all time.

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03 Jan

Compelling Albums of 2011

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There were a lot of popular and/or groundbreaking albums that came out in 2011, and I’m sure there were a few that slipped under the cracks of your wide musical tastes and selections.

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12 Dec

Miami Winter Music Conference

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The Miami Winter Music Conference (or ‘WMC’) is an annual festival of dance music that takes place each year under the warm Miami sun. The conference first began in 1985 but since then has grown to become one of the most respected events on the dance music scene. The WMC provides an opportunity for some serious networking for dance music insiders, as well as the chance to gain valuable exposure for those who are looking to make their mark on the scene. While the event has become incredibly popular with producers, DJs, promoters and record label insiders from the US, a good proportion of the 300,000 attendees are made up of visitors from overseas, particularly countries like the UK, France and Spain. Read more…

29 Nov

The Five Best Driving Music Videos

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There are many music videos that feature driving or an automotive theme. However, these are the five best that have ever been done. Sometimes, there isn’t even “driving” per se, but there is the “car theme” that makes the video cool to watch.

5. Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams”

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23 Nov

Why Playing in an Orchestra is Good for Your Child

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lotzman Katzman

Extracurricular activities are often encouraged from a very young age in school children. It teaches them to have fun, make long lasting bonds with other children, teaches the discipline needed to improve at whatever it is they choose to do, and how to work in a team. Playing in an orchestra is one such extracurricular activity that has immense benefits for those who take part. Read more…

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22 Nov

The 6 Most Overplayed Songs on the Radio Today

We live in an exciting time for popular music and some would argue there is more variety than ever. Although rock seems to be a dying genre, other forms of music like hip-hop, R&B, and dance have come to dominate the airwaves. If you happen to be someone who commutes to and from work, no doubt your radio is your best friend and you are exposed to top hits on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, sometimes radio stations get overzealous with the most requested songs. There are some songs that get so overplayed that whatever initial love you have for them are long gone. Here are some songs that everyone loved at first, but by now chances are they make you change the channel. Read more…

17 Nov

Best Ways to Save on Concert Tickets

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Going to a concert is a great way of experiencing your favorite music. There is truly nothing like being able to see the members of favorite band playing their best and most classic songs live and in the flesh. However, concert tickets can sometimes seem grossly inflated or unfairly expensive to many people. Don’t let the cost of tickets keep you from the joys of music! Instead, simply take some time to find ways to save money on your tickets. Follow these tips to save yourself big cash on tickets.

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